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From at-home hygiene regimens to professional dental care, many factors play a part in maintaining optimal oral health. A regular dental cleaning not only keeps a patient in good oral health, but also allows the dentists at Kids and Grownups Dental to identify and treat developing issues before they escalate. Whether you are trying to teach your child good hygiene habits or you need care for your own smile, Irving, TX, practice sees patients of all ages in order to establish these healthy routines.

The Importance of Routine
Examinations and Cleanings

A woman undergoing a dental cleaning
Regular dental cleanings are a crucial element of maintaining your oral health. 

Every time you have your teeth cleaned, a hygienist removes plaque deposits, food particles, tartar, and biofilm. While regular brushing and flossing can remove the majority of these irritants on a day-to-day basis, oral bacteria levels still rise over time. An appointment with your dental hygienist is necessary to reduce these levels to the baseline once more and prevent decay and periodontal disease.

What to Expect at Your Cleaning

When you arrive for your dental cleaning, our hygienist will remove plaque, tartar, and other debris from the teeth with ultrasonic instruments and specialized hand scalers. We will also polish your teeth teeth to a natural-looking shine.

In addition to cleaning your teeth, your hygienist will perform a cavity check and assess your periodontal health. If necessary, we can also take x-rays at this time. These images will help our team visualize any potential problems and evaluate the health of the bone that supports the teeth.

Finally, we perform an oral cancer screening during every routine dental visit. During this short exam, your dentist will visually check for lesions or other abnormalities and palpate tissue to identify any lumps that are not immediately visible.

Ultimately, the frequency of your teeth cleanings will depend on your unique needs.

Early Diagnosis, Milder Treatment

Routine exams and cleanings are at the core of preventative dentistry. Staying proactive can help you avoid a number of oral health issues later on. For example, you may not realize it when a cavity or abscess forms, as these conditions do not always show symptoms during the early stages. However, if our team can detect these issues in a timely manner, we can prevent the need for more invasive treatments like root canal therapy or a tooth extraction.

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

Ultimately, the frequency of your teeth cleanings will depend on your unique needs. Even patients with excellent oral health require cleanings approximately every six months. Those who are genetically predisposed to problems such as tooth decay or gum disease may need to visit more frequently. Our doctors will work with you to determine a cleaning schedule that most effectively meets your health needs.

Maintain Your Smile

Has it been awhile since you had a professional teeth cleaning or dental exam? Are you searching for a dental provider in the Irving, TX, area? If so, consider scheduling an appointment at Kids and Grownups Dental. You can call our office at (972) 255-4164 or contact us online anytime.

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