Professional Teeth Whitening Is Affordable and Highly Effective

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At Kids and Grownups DentalJoshua Lee, DDS and John Lee, DDS, MSD, provide premium teeth whitening treatment. When you visit our Irving, TX,practice, we can whiten your teeth in our office, or we can provide take-home whitening trays for your convenience.

Both options are among the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments at our practice. Teeth whitening is affordable and requires minimal investment of time. Furthermore, teeth whitening can dramatically impact your appearance and help you feel more confident about your smile.

Our dentists will help you choose the most appropriate type of whitening, and they will also provide guidance for effective follow-up care.

Are You a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Both in-office and at-home whitening are suitable for external dental stains located on the surface of the teeth. Every day, a thin coating called a pellicle forms on the enamel. A pellicle is an invisible film that can easily pick up stains from dark-colored foods and beverages. If you struggle with external stains, you are likely a candidate for teeth whitening.

However, whitening is not recommended for internal stains, which often result from medication, infection, or discolored fillings. We can recommend an alternative treatment, such as porcelain veneers, to address this type of staining.

Professional whitening is safe, effective, affordable, and can dramatically improve your appearance, taking years off.

Before undergoing teeth whitening, you should be in good oral health. Your dentist will need to treat any decay or gum disease before you proceed with cosmetic care.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

At Kids & Grownups Dental, we use only the highest-quality whitening products.

If you opt for in-office whitening, your dentist or hygienist will coat your teeth with a bleaching gel. This peroxide-based product will cause oxygen molecules to chemically break down stains. For optimal results, your practitioner will usually apply three separate coats of gel in a procedure that takes about an hour.

Image of Zoom teeth whitening trays
In-office or at-home teeth whitening can dramatically rejuvenate your smile, brightening it by several shades.

If you elect take-home treatment, we will provide whitening trays, made specifically from impressions of your teeth. You will fill the trays with whitening gel, which is essentially a milder version of the product used for in-office treatment. When you wear the trays for 30 minutes each day for about two weeks, the treatment will gradually lighten your smile by several shades.

What to Expect after Treatment

Note that neither in-office nor take-home whitening is permanent. Stains on your teeth will eventually redevelop. Therefore, to maintain the best results, you will need to undergo regular touch-ups. Our dentists will evaluate your teeth and determine how often you should receive additional care.

To maintain your new smile for as long as possible, we recommend that you:

  • Modify your diet, consuming in moderation stain-producing foods and drinks such as coffee, cola, red wine, tea, berries, tomato sauce, soy sauce, and other dark-colored substances.
  • Do not use tobacco products.
  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene. Not brushing and flossing regularly can cause teeth to yellow, and new stains to develop.

With conscientious care, your sparkling new smile can last for years to come.

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To learn more about teeth whitening and how it may enhance your smile, contact Kids and Grownups Dental today. Professional whitening is safe, effective, affordable, and can dramatically improve your appearance, taking years off.