Composite Dental Fillings Offer Strength, Longevity, and Aesthetics

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If you are suffering from cavities, Drs. John Lee and Joshua Lee will typically recommend tooth-colored dental fillings. These conservative restorations require very little alteration of your teeth. At the same time, they can strengthen your teeth and fully restore your oral function. At Kids & Grownups Dental in Irving, TX, we provide tooth-colored composite fillings because they provide a natural appearance and protect your teeth against further decay. Because of the many benefits of tooth-colored fillings, we are happy to replace your old metal fillings with naturally colored restorations.

Are You a Candidate for a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is likely appropriate if you have a small or medium-sized cavity. If you have a larger area of decay, you will require a bigger restoration, such as a dental crown. If the decay has spread to the soft pulp inside your tooth, you may require root canal therapy. Fortunately, when we place dental fillings early, we can prevent the need for these more time-consuming and extensive procedures. We typically use our state-of-the-art x-rays to evaluate the extent of your decay and to determine your need for a filling.

Tooth-colored composite fillings offer both cosmetic and practical advantages over metal fillings. Most obviously, they look more natural and attractive.

The Filling Process

Before he places a filling, Dr. Joshua Lee or Dr. John Lee will numb your tooth with local anesthesia. With the combined benefits of these medications and our dentists’ skill, your treatment should involve negligible discomfort. Once your tooth is completely numb, your practitioner will remove all bacteria and decayed tissue, and he will reshape the nearby area so he can easily place the filling. Next, he will first choose the shade of composite that matches your smile. He will place the material one layer at a time, and a curing light will harden each layer. Once he has filled in the entire cavity, your dentist will trim and reshape the outer portion of the filling to achieve a natural appearance.

dental fillings
Our dental fillings are made with natural-looking composite to closely match the color of your enamel.

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Made of composite or metal, fillings can restore your healthy oral function. They will also strengthen your teeth, preventing cracks and related damage.

Tooth-colored composite fillings offer both cosmetic and practical advantages over metal fillings. Most obviously, they look far more natural and attractive. They match the color of your teeth, and blend seamlessly with your smile. They also can bond with the nearby tissue more securely, which more successfully protects your teeth. In addition, they will not expand or contract with temperature changes. Metal fillings will fluctuate, which can cause damage over time. Meanwhile, your dentist will need to remove only a small amount of dental tissue to place composite. Accordingly, your treatment is typically quick and involves little discomfort. Composite fillings are also known to last longer than traditional metal fillings, and are safe for pediatric patients.

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If you are suffering from a cavity or if you would like to replace your old metal fillings, our tooth-colored dental fillings can be a great option for patients of all ages. Contact our office online to book an appointment. You can also reach us at (972) 255-4164.