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Emergency Dental Service

A dental emergency is any oral health concern that requires immediate attention to stop persistent bleeding, save a tooth, or relieve significant pain. A broken tooth, bleeding gums, or unexplainable toothache are all examples of dental emergencies. At Kids & Grownups Dental, Drs. John and Joshua Lee specialize in prompt and reliable, in-office urgent care services that support the immediate health and well-being of patients in the Irving, TX, community. 

We Offer Urgent Care for These Dental Emergencies

Our highly-trained doctors and staff are equipped to handle these dental emergencies: 

Loose Bridges - Unless you’re in great pain, a loose bridge is generally not considered a dental emergency. But you should schedule a dental appointment with one of our renowned dentists as soon as possible because the situation will only get worse.

Loose Crowns - If you have lost the crown, you can coat the tooth surface with an over-the- counter dental cement (available at many pharmacies) to temporarily seal the area until Dr. Lee can repair it. Whether your crown is loose or lost, call our office as soon as possible. 

Loose Fillings - A loose or lost filling is typically not a dental emergency. However, it can be painful because the exposed tooth tissue is often sensitive to temperature, pressure, and air. If you lose a filling, put it in a safe place and make an appointment in our Irving, TX, office as soon as you can. 

Broken or Chipped Teeth - Fixing a chipped tooth depends on how much of the tooth has broken off. Usually, a chipped tooth isn’t an emergency and can be corrected with dental bonding. This means that our doctor will apply a strong, tooth-colored material to it to restore the tooth’s shape and appearance.  

Soft Tissue Damage and Gum Bleeding - In most cases, bleeding gums indicate a form of gum disease, which is an emergency that one of our doctors can help treat. They will likely perform a deep dental cleaning or scaling and root planing procedure to help remove any infection within the gums. Additionally, an oral rinse may be prescribed to help reduce inflammation and infection.

Loose or Knocked-Out Teeth - A knocked out or loose permanent tooth is definitely a medical emergency. If an adult tooth is knocked out, try putting it back in place and contact our office immediately. Don't ever try to reinsert a baby tooth. Instead, bring your child to our dental practice right away. If you can't put an adult tooth back into position, place it in milk and contact us. 

Tooth Abscesses - As a more serious dental emergency, a tooth abscess may require immediate root canal therapy by one of our highly-trained dentists. This involves drilling into the affected tooth to drain the abscess and remove any infected tissue. Go immediately to the nearest emergency department if you have an abscessed tooth accompanied by a high fever. 

Toothaches -  One of the most common reasons for a bad toothache is severe decay or an infection. To resolve this issue, one of our doctors may need to perform a root canal. After they finish the procedure, you will begin to feel significantly better than when you first came in. Sometimes, it is also necessary to restore the tooth with a dental filling or crown, a process that can be done during the same visit or a follow-up appointment. 

Cracked Teeth - Having a piece of your tooth break off and fall out can be stressful. And if there is pain or blood involved, it is definitely considered a dental emergency. Even if it doesn’t hurt or bleed, a cracked tooth or chipped tooth should be seen soon by one of our doctors. However, the level of urgency depends on the type and severity of the problem.

Have a Dental Emergency? Give Us a Call Now!

At Kids & Grownups Dental in Irving, TX, our patients are always our top priority. When you have a dental emergency, our staff makes every effort to ensure that you are seen in our office as soon as possible. Our practice offers flexible hours each day to accommodate all patients, including those with dental emergencies. If you are presently experiencing a dental problem that requires immediate attention, please call our office now at 972-255-4164

Pediatric Dentistry

Our pediatric dental services include cleanings, exams, the application of dental sealants, fluoride treatments, orthodontic screenings, and more.

Emergency Dentistry

Unexplainable toothaches, a knocked out tooth, a cracked or broken tooth, and swollen and bleeding gums are all examples of dental emergencies that we are equipped to promptly treat.

Restorative Dentistry Procedures

Unexplainable toothaches, a knocked out tooth, a cracked or broken tooth, and swollen and bleeding gums are all examples of dental emergencies that we are equipped to promptly treat.

Dental Fillings - Dental fillings are used to repair damage to the structure of a tooth or teeth. Structural damage can be caused as a result of tooth decay, wear, or trauma. After the removal of a problematic tooth structure, the tooth is restored with tooth colored filling materials 

Dental Bonding - Bonding is the term used to describe the process of using composite resins to “glue” materials to the surface of a tooth for restorative purposes. Chipped or cracked teeth are typically repaired through bonding. An enamel-like composite material is applied to the surface of a tooth, sculpted into shape, contoured and polished, making the crack or chip invisible. 

Root Canal Therapy (RCT) - When indicated, our doctors use laser-assisted RCT to remove infected pulp tissue within the root chamber of the tooth. The hollowed-out tooth is then filled with an antibacterial filling, and the tooth is “capped” with a crown for protection. 

Dental Crowns - A porcelain dental crown, or “cap,” can be used to repair an extensively decayed or damaged tooth. Porcelain crowns allow teeth to function normally by strengthening one or more damaged teeth.

Oral & Maxillofacial Procedures - These procedures range from the less invasive treatment of abnormalities of the mouth, tissue, and teeth, to those for accompanying structures such as gum and bone. Our renowned doctors specialize in oral and maxillofacial procedures that include gum grafting, bone grafting, and sinus lifts. 

Periodontal Gum Care - Early gum disease treatment may include tooth scaling and cleaning at pre-determined intervals, along with the use of medicated mouthwash and proper flossing. Later-stage gum disease treatment may include root planing and scaling, periodontal surgery, and Laser Bacterial Reduction surgery.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions - We sometimes treat patients that need to have one or more wisdom teeth removed in order to reduce tooth overcrowding, prevent damage to nearby teeth, or alleviate oral facial pain. 

Gentle & Sedation Dentistry -  If you suffer from dental anxiety and phobia, our safe and reliable nitrous oxide sedation therapy can make your dental experience much more relaxing and enjoyable. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Dental Bridges & Dentures- When you are missing one or more adjacent teeth, partial dentures (bridge) or complete dentures can be used as a replacement. Today’s advanced denture styles and materials can be customized in different ways based on your cosmetic goals, lifestyle, and budget. 

Dental Implants- As a premium tooth replacement alternative, dental implants offer many advantages over a conventional bridge or dentures – including the fact they look, feel, and function more like real teeth. As an added benefit, a dental implant’s prosthetic root holds it securely in place, which helps preserve existing bone in the area. 

Porcelain Veneers - If you have one or more teeth that are discolored, broken, or misshapen, dental veneers are the perfect way to create the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Extremely strong and durable, veneers are thin shells of porcelain that Dr. Lee bonds onto the 

front of your teeth, producing a beautiful, natural smile that complements your facial features.

 Lumineers - When defective tooth enamel needs to be replaced, lumineers can be used to restore chipped, stained, or cracked teeth. Lumineers are a thin porcelain shell that are custom designed to perfectly fit your existing teeth. Each lumineer is bonded to the surface of your teeth, covering the visible areas so that when you smile your teeth will look beautiful and natural. 

Teeth Whitening - Over time, coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, and antibiotics can darken your teeth. Our safe and effective teeth-whitening procedures include both in-office, laser-activated methods, along with take-home kits. With noticeable improvement after only one visit, our professional teeth-whitening solutions will leave you with a whiter, brighter smile that you can’t wait to show off in pictures!

Smile Makeovers - Based on an initial consultation, a smile makeover may consist of a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments with the overall goal of improving your smile’s appearance and boosting your self-confidence.


MTM Clear Aligners - This virtually invisible orthodontic treatment is suitable for adults who are interested in straightening their smile minus the clunky appearance of traditional metal braces. Ideal for correcting mild dental misalignments, an MTM treatment typically lasts from three to 12 months.

FASTBRACES - When you have crooked or misaligned teeth, FASTBRACES clear plastic aligners are a removable, more comfortable, less noticeable teeth-straightening alternative to metal wires and brackets. In most cases, our FASTBRACES patients achieve their smile goals within six months. 

Insurance and Costs

At Kids & Grownups Dental, we understand that every patient has unique financial circumstances. That’s why our team will work with you to devise a flexible payment program that best meets your dental care needs. For your convenience, our office works with several insurance carriers. To learn more about your financing and payment options, please contact our office today. 

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