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As the best dental practice in Irving, TX, we understand that it can be intimidating to receive dental care for adults that suffer from dental anxiety. We take the time to get to know each of our patients, understand their concerns, and speak at length about the treatments that we propose.

This gives us the opportunity to set our patients’ minds at ease so that they can relax and feel more comfortable with the work that is going to be done. It is clear that some of these questions are things that many of our patients are unaware of. Here are our answers to some commonly asked questions.

No. When you visit our dental office, we can use sedation to ensure that you are completely comfortable. There are several types of sedation, so what is right for you will be based on the procedure that is being performed.

Some of our patients only need a small oral sedation to relax and unwind. Others prefer to prevent discomfort through pain medication. If you are worried about how you may feel, let us know so that we can review all of your options and make a personalized recommendation.

Unfortunately, no. Just like natural teeth will eventually wear out, crowns will as well. They can last for a decade or longer without any problems, but the exact amount of time is really up to each patient.

For example, those that grind their teeth at night will wear out their restorations sooner. Those that eat an unhealthy diet that is full of acidic foods may also have their restorations wear out faster. This is especially true with veneers since they sit on the surface of a natural tooth and are impacted by the health of it. As the best dentist in Irving for restorations, we can show you how to keep them in good condition.

Each dentist has treatments that they prefer, based on their clinical experiences. For example, if a dentist restores cracked teeth using crowns and they always look perfect, that may be the solution they tend to recommend, while another dentist may have a similar experience with a bonding procedure.

In dentistry, there are several methods of treating the same problem. With that in mind, it is normal to receive a different recommendation based on which dentist you visit. The key is to select the solution that you are comfortable with and think will fit your lifestyle.

Yes, a general dentist can treat both the health and appearance of your teeth. Since we are the best dentist in Irving for restorations, if you need a root canal we can perform one and make sure that your tooth looks natural and healthy afterwards. Likewise, if your tooth becomes cracked, we can restore it to good health and full functionality.

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