A Personalized Smile Makeover Can Make Your Smile Shine

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Drs. John and Joshua Lee design custom smile makeover treatment plans at Kids & Grownups Dental in Irving, TX, that can add a dramatic touch to your smile. By combining selected cosmetic dentistry treatments, they achieve aesthetic improvements that can boost your confidence and may open up doors in your life.

Smile Makeover Consultation

All cosmetic dentistry procedures are completed in our comfortable, welcoming office. Netflix is available to stream during your appointments.

Smile makeovers will consist of a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments designed to improve the appearance of your smile. Your personalized plan may include porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental bonding, and teeth whitening to correct cosmetic imperfections and deliver the smile you want. When you make the decision to make over your smile, Dr. John or Joshua Lee will first examine your teeth and gums and recommend any needed general or restorative procedures. You must be in good oral health before cosmetic procedures can be performed. Then he will recommend the treatments that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Smile Makeover Treatment Options


Porcelain veneers are a highly versatile cosmetic procedure. The thin shells of porcelain attach to the fronts of individual teeth to address a wide range of flaws, including chipped teeth, dark stains, and more. Mild orthodontic issues are easily concealed with veneers. The porcelain material looks incredibly natural and attractive.


Crowns can be a preferred solution when only one or two teeth need to be addressed. In addition to strengthening and supporting tooth structure, porcelain crowns can make a misshapen, worn, or small tooth appear flawless. If your teeth have internal staining that cannot be corrected with teeth whitening, crowns are a potential solution.

Your personalized plan may include porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental bonding, and teeth whitening to correct cosmetic imperfections and deliver the smile you want.

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A smile makeover at our comfortable and patient-friendly office can be truly transformative. Our dentists have years of experience in all cosmetic dental treatment areas and can help you attain a smile you will enjoy sharing for years to come. Contact Kids & Grownups Dental to schedule an appointment.

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