Restore Implant Candidacy with a Dental Bone Graft

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Since dental implants rely on surrounding jawbone tissue for support, lack of sufficient tissue in the area can disqualify you from receiving an implant-supported restoration. However, a dental bone graft from Dr. John Lee in Irving, TX, can restore your candidacy and allow you to take advantage of the life-changing benefits of dental implants. At Kids and Grownups Dental, Dr. Lee can perform virtually every stage of implant treatment, including implant surgery and final placement of your restoration.

The dental bone grafting procedure takes only a short amount of time to perform, but requires a number of months of recovery.

The Purpose of Bone Grafting

The roots of your teeth are constantly stimulating your jawbone, encouraging your body to send resources to the jaw. When you lose a tooth, your body stops sending resources and tissue begins to deteriorate. If too much tissue degeneration occurs, dental implants cannot be placed because there will not be enough tissue to support the implant post.

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for a dental bone grafting procedure is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Lee.

For qualifying patients, a dental bone graft can restore the necessary jawbone tissue and create a strong base in which to embed dental implants. During this procedure, a small amount of grafting material is placed in the area of tissue deficit. Over time, the body absorbs the material and replaces it with healthy bone for a stronger, healthier jawbone.

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