Implant-Supported Crowns Provide a Superior Solution for a Single Missing Tooth

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Implant-supported crowns are a stable and long-lasting replacement for a single missing tooth. The doctors at Kids and Grownups Dental in Irving, TX, can perform all aspects of dental implant surgery as well as restore your teeth without referring you to specialists at other offices. This makes treatment more convenient for both the patient and the doctor and minimizes the risk for possible complications. Because only one doctor is treating you through the entire process, you can receive comprehensive care so that you achieve a smooth recovery and desirable results.

An implant-supported crown
Dental implants not only provide superior support for crowns but can also have other oral health benefits. 

What is an Implant-Supported Crown?

An implant-supported crown is a restoration that consists of a dental implant and a customized dental crown, and is designed to replace a single missing tooth. The implant itself is a small titanium post that is surgically inserted into your jawbone. Over time, the implant will fuse with the surrounding bone and tissue to provide a firm foundation for your dental crown. Dental implants effectively replace your tooth root and halt any further jawbone deterioration.

Benefits of an Implant-Supported Crown

Compared to a traditional bridge, an implant-supported crown replaces the entire tooth from root to crown. With a traditional bridge, the remaining teeth on either side of the missing tooth must serve as abutment teeth to support the restoration. This means healthy teeth must be modified to accommodate the bridge, a process that could lead to dental sensitivity or complications later on. Dental implants, however, do not require reshaping otherwise healthy teeth. Because the implant acts as a root replacement, your jawbone will remain stimulated with each bite you take, providing better oral health, superior support, and a more comfortable restoration.

With an implant-supported crown in place, you could enjoy:

  • Realistic results – the crown will be customized to match the shade, shape, and appearance of the rest of your teeth.
  • More comfortable restoration – no alterations to nearby teeth are required and your crown will function similar to a natural tooth.
  • Improved oral health – because implants continually stimulate your jawbone, you can avoid bone degeneration and other facial structural changes.
  • Long-lasting support – with proper care, an implant can last a lifetime.
  • Restored dental function – dental crowns function like a natural tooth, allowing you to eat and chew as normal.

An implant-supported crown replaces the entire tooth from root to crown.

Are You a Candidate?

To qualify for an implant-supported crown, it’s imperative that you enjoy good oral health, have sufficient jawbone tissue to support the restoration, and do not smoke. Tobacco can slow your body’s response to healing and cause a host of other complications. If bone recession is detected during your consultation, a bone grafting procedure may be recommended to promote healthy regrowth and stability. This procedure will add an additional two to three months to the overall treatment plan but will prevent dental implant failure. We will also need to provide periodontal treatments for patients if gum disease is detected. Having healthy gums and solid bone structure are key components to achieving a successful outcome.

Receiving Your Dental Crown

Following dental implant surgery, you will undergo a minor procedure known as abutment attachment. The top of the implant will be uncovered and an abutment attached. This small piece provides a place for your restoration to connect. During this step, impressions will also be taken and sent to a dental lab for your custom crown to be fabricated. Using these impressions, our lab technicians can create a natural-looking restoration made from the finest materials. When completed, it will be permanently affixed to your implant, providing restored function and filling the gap in your smile.

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