Has your dentist ever told you that you could not have dental implants because of inadequate bone width or height?

You do not have to worry. Here at Kids & Grownups Dental, our dentist can provide something called bone grafting to grow the missing bone. This bone grafting is a common procedure by adding or building bone so dental implants can be placed in the future. The actual procedure consists of placing the bone graft under the gum tissue and then cover the site with a membrane for protection.

A lot of patients are then curious where this bone material can be obtained. In earlier years, this harvesting was from your own bone (autogenous graft) but nowadays many different bone materials can be acquired through different sources such as processed bone from a donor/ cadaver (allograft), bovine/ cow (xenograft), or synthetic bone (alloplast). The allograft comes from a reputable and reliable tissue bank. Our dentists will review the different types of materials with you and decide which will be the best for your case.

After bone grafting, you generally have to wait several months (4 to 6 months) for the grafted material to integrate with your own bone structure but can vary patient to patient.

Obviously, it is difficult and confusing on which bone grafting option you may need and a Kids & Grownups Dental professional will be happy to answer any questions. Please schedule a consultation for bone grafting with us by calling at (972) 255- 4164.  We will perform a thorough evaluation of your oral health. After our evaluation, we will recommend what bone graft is best for you.