Are you sick of your ill-fitting dentures and sore gums?  Is eating a chore, and do you avoid your favorite foods because it is difficult to chew?  Removable dentures can be a good temporary or permanent treatment option when several or all the teeth are missing. However, sometimes these dentures may become a poor long-term solution with continuous bone loss to the remaining bone.  It is very common for patients to experience discomfort and looseness. This usually occurs with the lower dentures and the patients describe it as if the denture is rocking or falling. To solve this problem, we can provide implant retained dentures as a supplement to help hold the upper and lower denture.

Dental implants will be acting as an anchor to help prevent or minimize the rocking and falling. So what are some benefits of implant retained dentures: comfort, better able to taste food, prevention of bone loss. These dental implants are the same as the conventional ones which are inserted in the bone. The main difference is the top portion which will have an attachment that attaches to the denture.

For the lower jaw, minimum of two dental implants and for the upper jaw, minimum of four is recommended to hold the denture in place. Sometimes we can use existing dentures for this procedure, depending on the condition of the dentures.  We also need evaluate the condition of your current jaw and gums.  Taking care for implant retained dentures requires the same check-ups and cleanings as natural teeth.

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